National Initiative
for Transforming Student
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Equity of opportunity is fundamental to enabling civil rights;
transforming student and learning supports is fundamental to
enabling equity of opportunity, promoting whole child development,
and enhancing school climate


    About the Pioneering Work

What's Been Happening Since 2015,
Some Ideas for Moving Forward, &
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  • 9/23/21 --   What Can Schools Do to Counter Unnecessary Referrals for Special Services and Over-Pathological Labeling of Students?

  • 9/21/21 --   Schools and Mental Health: A Position Statement

  • 9/9/21 --   More (Temporary) Money to Improve Behavioral Health: The Good and the Bad for Schools

  • 9/1/21 --   Concerned about Mental Health in Schools? Then Focus on Improving How Schools Control and Socialize Students . . . see Misbehavior, Social Control, and Student Engagement

  • 8/26/21 --   What's Being Done to Improve Efforts to Address Learning, Behavior, and Emotional Problems?

  • 8/19/21 --   2021-22: Addressing Learning, Behavior, and Emotional Problems Through Better Use of Student and Learning Support Staff

  • 8/12/21 --  About the Growing Demand for Mental Health in Schools

  • 7/29/21 --  What's Wrong with Current State Approaches to Addressing Student Mental Health Need?

  • 7/22/21 --  Evolving Community Schools and Transforming Student/Learning Supports

  • 7/15/21 --  Many Calls for Improving Schools; Too Little Attention to the Problem of Making Complex and Sustainable System Changes

  • 7/8/21 --   Open Letter to Chief School Officers, District Superintendents, School Board Members, Principals, and All Other Education Leaders

  • 7/2/21 --   Mental Health in Schools is Not Just about More Services: It is part of a Comprehensive Approach to Student and Learning Supports

  • 7/1/21 --   Don't Leave Improving Mental Health in Schools Up to Proposed Legislation

  • 6/11/21 --   Everyone's Talking About Students' Mental Health: Schools Need to Avoid Five Potential Pitfalls

  • 6/9/21 -- How are federal stimulus funds being used to address barriers to learning and teaching?

  • 5/28/21 --   About Temporary Relief Funds and Mental Health in Schools

  • 4/26/21 --   Students and Families Not Returning to School? Organize and Mobilize Outreach From Those Who Have

  • 4/23/21 --   About How Temporary Relief Funds for Schools are Used

  • 4/15/21 --   Mental health Concerns are Becoming a School Priority: But How Best to Address the Priority Remains Controversial

  • 3/24/21 --   Here We Go Again: In the Rush to Spend Federal Stimulus Funds Schools are Attending to Immediate Individual Needs Without Addressing the Opportunity to Make Necessary Systemic Improvements

  • 2/18/21 --  Mental Health in Schools: Good! Advocacy for Separate Agenda – Not So Good!

  • 2/11/21 --About Improving Student and Learning Supports: New Directions and New Roles for Student Support Staff 

  • 2/4/21 -- W hat is Personalized Instruction and What’s Needed to Make it Work?

  • 1/28/21 -- Have districts and schools established a leadership team to meet the challenge of the increased number of students manifesting learning, behavior, and emotional problems?

  • 1/21/21 -- About budget cuts and the need to transform student/learning supports 

  • 1/7/21 -- Finding and Reengaging Students who Went Missing During the COVID Pandemic 



  • 12/23/20 -- Mental Health in Schools: Much More than Part of the System of Care Delivery System  

  • 12/17/20 --  About trauma-informed, ACES, SEL, disengaged students, etc. etc.: Increased Concern, Misdirected Action

  • 12/10/20 --  As Students Return to School ... focusing on mental health concerns

  • 11/12/20 --The Biden education transition team has been formed

  • 11/11/20 --Outsourcing, Contracting Out – PRIVATIZATION OF EDUCATION

  • 9/24/20 --Student Success Requires a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System of Learning Supports

  • 9/2/20 -- Increased Numbers of Students with Learning, Behavior, and Emotional Problems: What will Schools Do?

  • 8/5/20 --Online and At School: Teachers Alone Can’t and Shouldn’t Be Expected to Address the Wide Range of Student Mental

  • 7/30/20 -- Re-engaging Disconnected Students Online and at School: Focus on Intrinsic Motivation

  • 7/22/20 -- What is (and isn’t) in Place to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching for the New School Year?

  • 7/19/20 --Watch out!
    Much Discussion of MTSS, Little Discussion of Student/Learning Support Staff and Developing MTSS into a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System

  • 7/16/20 --Hypersensitivity to a Student’s Emotional Reactions Can Be Harmful

  • 7/9/20 --CALL TO ACTION: Ensuring that mental health is a high priority as schools reopen

  • 7/2/20 --NEW BOOK JUST PUT ONLINE FOR FREE ACCESS Embedding Mental Health as Schools Change

    As of 3/11/20, the National Initiative has focused on the changes necessary for addressing the immediate and future challenges caused by COVID-19. For updates,
    click here

  • 3/4/20 --OPEN LETTER TO SUPERINTENDENTS & SCHOOL BOARDS about budget cuts and layoffs
  • 2/23/20 -- Major talking points for transforming student/learning supports
  • 2/19/20 -- Are gap analyses of student/learning supports being taken to school improvement planning tables?
  • 2/13/20 -- Who’s at the table working toward next year’s school improvements?
  • 2/5/20 -- MTSS: It’s just a starting point for transforming student/learning supports
  • 1/29/20 --The Role of Schools in Promoting Whole Child Development and Learning
  • 1/23/20 --Transforming Schools to Better Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching: While Some Schools Don’t Need to Do It, Most Do!
  • 1/16/20 -- Improving State Legislation to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching

  • 10/24/19 -- About Legislation for Mental Health in Schools
  • 10/17/19 -- Why Aren't the Leading Advocates for School Improvement Talking About Transforming Student and Learning Supports?
  • 10/10/19 -- Why Aren’t Schools Doing More to Improve Student and Learning Supports?
  • 9/12/19 -- Are you concerned about how to improve student and learning supports?
  • 9/5/19 -- There seems to be no end to what teachers are expected to learn
  • 8/29/19 --First Concern in Improving Mental Health in Schools: Above All Do No Harm
  • 8/15/19 -- Some Steps and Resources for Encouraging Policy Changes to Improve How Schools Address Barriers to Learnng
  • 8/8/19 -- New School Year, New Opportunities to Move Forward in Addressing Barriers to Learning & Teaching
  • 8/1/19 -- Improving Schools: Why is it so hard?  
  •   7/25/19 -- Enhanced School Climate Emerges from Whole School Improvements 
  •   7/12/19 --What Really is a COMPREHENSIVE Approach to Mental Health in Schools?
  •   7/11/19 -- Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: More Buzzwords?
  •   6/20/19 --How Well Do State Legislatures Focus on Improving School Efforts to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching & Re engage Disconnected Students?
  •   4/24/19 --Follow-up to legislators re. Legislation to move school improvement policy to a three component approach
  •   4/24/19 -- Follow-up re. Legislation to move school improvement policy to a three component approach
  •   4/4/19 -- Improving How Schools Address Barriers to Learning & Teaching: Escaping Old Ideas and Moving Beyond Current Trends
  •  3/9/19 -- --Informing other stakeholders about efforts with state legislatures
  • 2/21/19 -- Legislation for moving school improvement policy to a three component approach 
  • 2/7/19 -- --What are States Doing to Help Schools Address Barriers to
                  Learning and Teaching?
  • 1/31/19 -- --Update re. our emails to state legislators re. moving to a three component
                        approach to school improvement
  • 1/23/19 -- -- About the Legislation to move school improvement policy to a three component approach
  • 1/16/19 -- -- More about Legislation to move school improvement policy to a three component approach
  •   1/10/19 -- -- Legislation to move school improvement policy to a three component approach


  • 12/20/19 -- -- Controversies About School Improvement Efforts
  • 12/19/19 -- More Than a Quarter of Schools Could Be Flagged as in Need of Improvement Under ESSA
  • 12/9/19 -- -- What Does it Take to Make Fundamental and Sustainable School Improvements? 
  • 12/7/19 -- -- Reframing Accountability for Whole Child Development and Addressing Barriers
          to Learning and Teaching
  • 12/3/19 -- -- Managing Behavior at School: Beyond Overrelying on Behavior Control Strategies
  • 11/25/19 -- -- School-Community Collaboration: What’s Going Wrong?
  • 11/18/19 -- -- Meeting learners where they are! Personalized Instruction
  • 11/14/19 -- -- About MTSS and Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching
  • 11/9/19 -- -- About School Choice
  • 11/1/19 -- -- School Improvement, School Transformation – Some Straight Talk
  • 10/19/19 -- Did you find this free book helpful? --
  • 9/9/18 -- Safe Schools and Mental Health: More of the Same or an Opportunity to Really Improve Schools
  • 9/5/18 -- Moving Forward with School Improvement this Year
  • 8/26/18 -- Center Resources you may have missed if you were away during the summer
  • 6/11/18 -- ANNOUNCING NEW BOOK: Improving School Improvement
  • 4/3/18 -- About School Response to School Shooting
  • 3/9/18 --Agenda for Workgroups Focused on Enhancing School Safety As
  • 3/2/18 -- About Threat Assessment  
  • 2/16/18 -- About School Shootings
  • 2 /12/18 -- How well are schools addressing barriers to learning and teaching?
  • 2/5/18 -- ESSA and new directions for addressing barriers to learning and teaching
  • 1/14/18 -- Equity of opportunity: A pressing concern for school improvement
  • 1/7/18 -- So much has changed; so little has changed --Where do schools go from here? 

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