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About Mental Health in Schools
An overview of what the term Mental Health in Schools means.

Hot Topics & Ongoing Hot Issues
Information and resources on a topic of current interest and analysis of policy issues delineating ongoing issues relevant to MH in schools and addressing barriers to learning and teaching..

Quick Finds
A fast way to access Center technical assistance information and resources.

Tools and Other Resources

Special Resource Packets & Aids
A listing of all Center material available for downloading or ordering.

Training and Presentation Resources
Tools that can guide and assist you with training activities and student/family interventions.

National Initiatives & Networks to Advance Student Supports
The Center offers a variety of informal and formal ways to interact and network with the Center and colleagues around the country.

Guides to Policy and Program Development/practice
Resources that provide overview discussions of major topics, descriptions of model programs, references to publications, other centers, organizations, advocacy groups and internet links.

Policy & Program Reports & Briefs
A series of reference works designed to address national policy and practice concerns about what mental health in schools is, is not, and should be.

e-journal/newsletter - Addressing Barriers to Learning
Our Center's free quarterly topical Journal.

What's New
Find out the latest happenings related to mental health in school.

Gateway to a World of Resources
This is a links "map" that provides quick access to relevant resources on the internet.

Table of contents/Site Map
A linkable listing of what's available on our site.

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Finding Information and Getting Technical Assistance

Use Quick Find
Offers a fast way to access Center technical information and resources. Click on
Quick Find search box. From here, you can access Center responses to specific technical assistance requests we've received in the past; you can also access a variety of Center-developed materials.

Use our Search Engine
Through our search engines you can either search our website or search our center databases for our clearinghouse documents, consultation cadre members, and list of other organizations and websites.

Request Technical Assistance/Coaching/Mentoring
If you have a question that needs answering, need assistance on a specific topic, or are looking for materials and/or resources, you will find our Center staff and Consultation Cadre helpful.

Download Original Documents
The School Mental Health Project wants you to be able to access all of our packets and technical assistance information electronically. In addition to HTML files, like this one, we create Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. Click here to download. With the Adobe Reader you can view, navigate and print any Portable Document Format (PDF). These files look just like our original printed packets. You can print them, or keep a copy on your hard drive for a quick and easy reference. See our Resources List for more details.

Contact members of our Consultation Cadre:
Click on Consultation Cadre to find out more about the consultation cadre. You can also Search Our Consultation Cadre Database to find assistance on a variety of topics. (Cadre members are not screened).

Our Continuing Education Modules, Training Tutorials, and Quick Training Aids are available on-line
Click here for more information.

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Staying up to date; Also System Change Toolkit and Pratitioner Toolbox

Visit our Website Regularly, and check the What's New page.

ENEWS - Electronic Networking:
ENEWS is our free monthly electronic newsletter. Join in sharing information and facilitating interchange and networking related to mental health in schools.

To post messages to ENEWS, email them to

To subscribe to ENEWS, just  send your contact information to the Center at:

To access the latest and past issues of ENEWS click here.

e-journal/newsletter: Addressing Barriers to Learning
To sign up to receive our free quarterly e-journal by email, send contact info to
Click to view and download current and previous editions.

System Change Toolkit Transforming Student Supports into a Unified & Comprehensive System for Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Practitioner Toolbox, Resources & Networks
Includes the MH Practitioners Listserv, a weekly communication designed to allow practitioners to share their ideas and experiences.

Download our Documents
Most of our Center created materials are available for downloading free of charge (in pdf format).

Find out about Upcoming Events:
For a listing of upcoming conferences, events, and calls for papers visit Upcoming Events.

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National Initiatives & Networks to Advance Student Supports

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