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Transforming Student Supports into a
Unified, Comprehensive, & Equitable System for

Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching


Over the last two decades, work on transforming student and learning supports has blossomed across the country. Changes being discussed include (a) a fundamental shift in school improvement policy, (b) development of a unified, comprehensive, and equitable system of intervention, (c) reworking of operational infrastructure, and (d) strategic implementation that accounts for replication to scale and sustainability.

Here is a recently developed 30 minute Introductory webinar
       > Download accompanying PDf handouts

Here is some information about trailblazing states and districts:
      > Transforming Student and Learning Supports: Trailblazing Initiatives!
      > May 2015 News release

And as a keystone for the National Initiative for Transforming Student and Learning Supports, a new book has been written entitled Transforming Student and Learning Supports: Developing a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System. It will be published in early 2017. For a preview look, contact

Here is a recently developed overview guide:
      > Education Leaders' Guide to Transforming Student and Learning Supports



The toolkit below offers materials, tools, specific guides, and other resources as aids and to deepen learning about the substance and processes of the work to be done. We have grouped the tools in an order that roughly approximates moving from creating readiness, through initial implementation, to sustaining and scaling-up.

This set of resources is in its early stages of development; it will continue to evolve.


As with any set of tools,
select a specific tool to fit the task at hand.

Section A

Overview, Q &A, and Initiating the Work

      (1) Answering the question:
            What is a Unified , Comprehensive, & Equitable
            System of Learning Support?





Section B

Designing and Planning a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable
 System of Learning Supports

Section C

Phasing in a New System

Section D

Addressing the Problems of Systemic Change

Section E

On-line Clearinghouse Resources

    QUICK FIND: A topical set of resources that is readily accessed through a menu (direct website addresses are provided).

    The menu of over 130 specific Quick Finds covers topics related to disaster response, classroom management, motivation (including engagement and re-engagement in classroom learning), social and emotional development, and much more. Some of the Quick Finds provide links directly to staff/stakeholder development and training aids and tutorials and continuing education modules.

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