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About Distance Coaching and Technical Assistance for Developing a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable  System of Learning Support

School improvement must encompass policy and planning that enables every school to replace its outdated patchwork of programs and services used in responding to learning, behavior, and emotional problems.

The aim is to transform student and learning supports by developing a unified and comprehensive system of learning supports.

Learning supports are the resources, strategies, and practices that provide physical, social, emotional, and intellectual supports to enable all students to have an equal opportunity for success at school and beyond by directly addressing barriers to learning and teaching and by re-engaging disconnected students.

The transformation process involves (1) expanding school improvement policy so that student and learning supports are fully integrated as a primary and essential component, (2) reframing interventions to create a unified and comprehensive classroom and school-wide system, (3) reworking operational infrastructures to ensure effective daily implementation and ongoing system development, and (4) ensuring effective implementation, replication-to-scale, and sustainability.

Such a transformation is challenging (especially with everything else that has to be done on most days). To support the efforts of those developing a unified, comprehensive, and equitable system of learning supports, the Center offers free mentoring, coaching, and technical assistance by email and phone with teams that are moving this work forward. All this is done at no cost to those who are pioneering the work. Those making such systemic changes have found it particularly helpful when we work with them in preparing a design document and strategic plan for the work in ways that integrate the transformation into district and school strategic plans and implementation.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us at any time; we will be more than pleased to assist as you move forward.


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