Comprehensive Focus on MH in Schools
Concerns Related to Children's Severe MH Disorders
Concerns Related to Children's Psychosocial Problems
Positive Social and Emotional Development and Prevention of Psychosocial/MH Problems
Others focused on Addressing Barriers to Learning and Development







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The Gateway to a World or Resources for Enhancing MH in Schools & Student/Learning Supports is a links "map" that provides quick access to relevant resources on the internet. It is also a tool to facilitate various forms of networking and to help analyze strengths, weaknesses, and gaps/inequities in available resources. This gateway can be the starting point for enhancing collaborative partnerships among key groups with overlapping interests related to mental health in schools.

The map represents the next generation (beyond lists of links) for guiding users quickly to sites that are most likely to meet their needs.

The five arenas of activity are encompassed:

I. "Comprehensive Focus on Mental Health in Schools
II. Concerns Related to Children's Severe Mental Health Disorders
III. Concerns Related to Children's Psychosocial Problems
IV. Positive Social/Emotional Development and Prevention of Psychosocial/MH Problems
V. Others Focused on Addressing Barriers to Learning and Development

Within each of these arenas, the following types of resources are mapped:

Within each of these, websites are clustered according to the concentration of immediate resources available to the user. In most cases only two groupings are provided at this time. In a few instances, three groupings were created. These are color coded, with the top grouping alway representing sites with the highest concentration of information, resource materials, published documents, number of links, etc.

NOTE:We know how quickly changes occur. We invite your suggestions in updating and improving the map (including ideas related to categorizing the entries, organizing the list to differentiate among sites with respect to how helpful they are, improving the map design with reference to web site presentation, etc.). To drop us a line, click here

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