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2020 Over the previous years, our analyses of prevailing school improvement legislation, planning, and literature have delineated fundamental deficiencies, especially with respect to enhancing equity of opportunity and closing the achievement gap.

As ESSA is implemented, there are opportunities to move forward in making essential changes.

With this in mind, a major facet of our work in 2020 is to focus school improvement policy and planning on:

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Moving in New Directions

 National Initiative for the Transformation of Student and Learning Supports

See the Legislative prototype being sent to key legislators in every state

and the recent policy report

How Well Do State Legislatures Focus on Improving School Efforts to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching & Re‑engage Disconnected Students?   

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Addressing Barriers to Learning.

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  • National Initiative for Transforming Student and Learning Supports – 2020

  • Community Schools Need to Play a Role in Transforming Student/Learning Supports

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    Self-report may exaggerate severity of mental health problems


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