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National Healthy Schools Day was in April. The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) spearheaded a couple of activities, including a Blog Tour, to help promote and spread more dialogue on healthy schools and positive SEL.  Because our Center's work "contributes much to the discussions on school safety and student well‑being," AASA asked us to write and post a blog on April 3rd that responds to one or both of these questions:

    1.  Considering the continued threat of gun violence in our schools, what does a healthy school look like to you today? Have school shootings altered your view of what it means to be a healthy school?

     2.   How can school system leaders help children in their district feel safe, as well as have their physical and social‑emotional needs met in a healthy school environment?”

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See: National Initiative for the Transformation of Student and Learning Supports

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