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2020 Over the previous years, our analyses of prevailing school improvement legislation, planning, and literature have delineated fundamental deficiencies, especially with respect to enhancing equity of opportunity and closing the achievement gap.

As ESSA is implemented, there are opportunities to move forward in making essential changes.

With this in mind, a major facet of our work in 2020 is to focus school improvement policy and planning on:

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Moving in New Directions

 National Initiative for the Transformation of Student and Learning Supports

See the Legislative prototype being sent to key legislators in every state

and the recent policy report

How Well Do State Legislatures Focus on Improving School Efforts to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching & Re‑engage Disconnected Students?   

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News and reports related to enhancing how schools address barriers to learning and teaching, mental health concerns, etc.

  Newsletter Quarterly e-Journal
Addressing Barriers to Learning.

Summer issue

>Schools Re-opening: Safety Plus Enhancing Equity of Opportunity and Social Justice

>The Role of Schools in Promoting Whole Child Development and Learning

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    Practitioners Exchange
    Latest Practitioners' Exchange
    (School Practitioners' Community of Practice*)
    >Different perspectives on resuming in person teaching and learning
    >Guidance for school re-opening: NEA, AASA, States
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    NEA’s request re: a “virtual care package”
    >How do schools respond to students expressing strong emotions?
    >What’s taking place locally to support learning over the summer?

    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    >Students and schools addressing
    social justice and equity
    >Diversity as a Focus for a School’s Learning Supports Leadership Team
    >Staff Mental Health: What’s being done to appreciate the effort beyond
    the call of duty
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    >Youth speak out on social injustice
    >Teachers’ reactions to changes in interacting with students online >How the current crisis can lead to burnout
    >Letter of appreciation from a superintendent
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    >About Innovative summer enrichment programs
    >Q&A about mental health support by schools in light of the pandemics
    >Setting up a grass roots mental health network
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    >Issues being raised about how schools relate to local police
    >Issues about re-opening schools equitably
    >One student’s reaction and his grandfather’s response
    >A superintendents message
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    The Two Pandemics
    >What are schools doing and planning to address the racial pandemic? >What Some Students are Experiencing
    >What works in online counseling/teaching
    >About professional development for student/learning support during the pandemic
    >Student and retired teachers are volunteering during the pandemic >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

    About how schools are and plan to address the racial pandemic
    >First response and some resources

    >The murder of George Floyd andthe events that have and will continue to follow

    >Responding to COVID-19 with innovative student/learning supports
    >Student/learning support staff are reaching out to students
    >About being at the planning table for school re-opening
    >Links to a few other relevant shared resources

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    • About Screening for Trauma and Implementing Social Emotional Learning

      >What should schools say about social justice?

       >What about school police?

       >Supporting school staff to enhance their motivation and capacity during this difficult time

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