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National Initiative for Transforming
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End the Marginalization! It's Time for Direct Action!

2015 is the time for everyone concerned about ending the marginalization of student and learning supports to pursue the following courses of action:

  • Work for collaboration among groups recommending changes in education policy so that
    there is a unified message about

           >ending the marginalization of student and learning supports
          >developing a unified, comprehensive, and equitable system of student and learning supports.

  • Participate at decision making and planning tables focused on school improvement so you can clarify the need to expand from a two to a three-component policy framework.
  • Send the message to those shaping school improvement policy (e.g., principals, superintendents, mayors, governors, organizational, business and philanthropic leaders).

  • Communicate with Congress about the need to end the marginalization of student and learning supports and expand from a two to a three-component policy framework for school improvement as a major facet in reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) See example letters.

  • Focus the attention of governors, mayors, superintendents, principals, and other leaders on the need to help schools unify and develop a comprehensive system of student and learning supports.

  • Let us know who to send information to.

    At a minimum, let us know your thoughts about direct action to elevate student and learning supports in policy as a nonmarginalized and unified system. That will help us in mobilizing others.

    Send your ideas and any information about what you see happening to or to

    Example: CA. Pupil Services Coalition


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    Outreach Campaign

    We have a continuing nationwide outreach campaign. The outreach is designed to build awareness regarding:
    • Why it is imperative to transform student and learning supports
    • Ways to Rethink Use of Resources (Programs, Personnel, etc.)
    Special mailings are regularly sent to about 100,000 policy makers, education leaders, school and community professionals at state, regional, district, and school levels, and at community organizations and agencies across the country and around the world.

    If you want anyone sent the info, send email addresses to

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    Some Strategic Steps You Can Take Now

    Here are some things you can do:

    (1) Speak out, create awareness, and advocate

    (2) Share information with others (directly and/or through us)

    • about effective practices, lessons learned, and data on progress
    • about the costs of continuing to do business as usual

    (3) Send in your ideas

    • about enlisting other centers, associations, journals, and various media to showcase efforts to move in new directions
    • about roles you and others can play in advancing this initiative
    • about how to kick-start some activity in your locale

    (4) Use every window of opportunity to be a catalyst for fundamental systemic changes that can enhance the effectiveness of supports for addressing barriers to learning and teaching and re-engaging disconnected students. 

    • Work with school improvement leaders to ensure a nonmarginalized focus on developing a unified and comprehensive system of learning supports.
    • Work with local, state, and national professional organizations to ensure they take a leadership role in unifying learning supports.
    • Guide leaders to the aids in the Center System Change Toolkit for Transforming Student Supports into a Unified & Comprehensive System for Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching
    (5) Send us all information about what you see happening to move learning supports forward as a unified and nonmarginalized system so we can let others know. 

    Remember: If we truly mean to ensure equity of opportunity for all students to succeed at school and beyond, it will take enlightened leadership at all levels to end the status quo by moving forward. And, it will take committed people, working together, to establish and fully unify and develop comprehensive learning support systems into every school improvement initiative.

    Here's a few other resources to share with colleagues:

  • National Initiative for Transforming Student and Learning Supports

  • Transforming Student and Learning Supports: Trailblazing Initiatives!

  • Introducing the Idea of Developing a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports
    to a New Superintendent or to One Who May Be Ready to Move Forward

  • Developing a Unified, Comprehensive, & Equitable System of Learning Supports:
    First Steps for Superintendents Who Want to Get Started

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    If you are interested in learning more,
    please contact: Linda Taylor at:

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