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2024 Over the previous years, our analyses of prevailing school improvement legislation, planning, and literature have delineated fundamental deficiencies, especially with respect to enhancing equity of opportunity and closing the achievement gap.

As schools recover from the pandemic, there are opportunities to move forward in making essential changes.

With this in mind, a major facet of our work in 2023 is to focus school improvement policy and planning on:

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Moving in New Directions

See  >National Initiative for the Transformation of Student and Learning Supports

 >Student/Learning Supports: A Brief Guide for Moving in New Directions

Also see

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  ejournal Quarterly e-Journal
Addressing Barriers to Learning.

Summer, 2024

>Schools Can and Must Play an Embedded Role
in Addressing Mental Health Concerns

>Everyone's Talking About Students' Mental Health:
Schools Need to Avoid Five Potential Pitfalls

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>Can unnecessary student mental health referrals be reduced?
>Increasing Concern About the Complexity of Attendance Problems
>Absenteeism: Yet Another Reason for Transforming Student/Learning Supports
>Links to a few other relevant shared resources

>Social-Emotional Curriculum Isn’t a Good Fit for Every Student
>Supporting the Transition to High School
>14- to 24-year-old: A critical period
>Links to a few other relevant shared resources

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Examples of previous discussions

>Social-Emotional Curriculum Isn’t a Good Fit for Every Student
>Supporting the Transition to High School
>14- to 24-year-old: A critical period

>Graduation: Celebrations and Taking Steps to Increase Graduation Rates
>Promoting work based learning this summer

>Paraprofessionals and student/learning supports
>Shifting discipline from consequences to prevention
>The impact of students' sense of belonging on their learning
>What will best meet the needs of all students and staff:
Adding Some More Mental Health Services at Schools
Developing a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable Student and Learning Supports System?
>Discipline's impact on student mental health
> "How can my district provide leadership in reducing community violence?"
>About concerns that arise in addressing school/community violence
>Is there something special about middle school?
>Looking to improve the school's role in enhancing mental health?
>Can the impact of social determinants on child and adolescent mental health be altered? >Some indicators of youth risk behavior show encouraging trends
>About mental health in schools as a platform for transforming student/learning supports
>Students Thrive with Positive Experiences (and so do school staff)
>What problems arise when additional MH professionals are brought into a school?
>Focusing on Mental Health in Schools from a Public Health Perspective
>Countering the Impending Tidal Wave of Unnecessary Referrals for Special Assistance and Special Education
>About Developing Kindness and Compassion & Promoting MH
>Time for Straight Talk about Mental Health Services and MH in Schools
>Evolving Community Schools and Transforming Student/Learning Supports
>How are various sources of funding being braided to improve/transform student/learning supports?
>Can youth empowerment enhance violence prevention?
>Student anxiety, aggressive behavior, school climate, & other related concerns
>How should schools improve discipline practices?


>School year ends, summer opportunities for learning open-up

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