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Everyone’s Talking About Students’ Mental Health:
Schools Need to Avoid Five Potential Pitfalls

It is widely recognized that the pandemic has increased the number of students experiencing
emotional, learning, and behavioral problems. Schools must plan to meet the challenge.

However, as in the past, schools will make serious errors if their plans are based on false assumptions.

Here are five to avoid:

    (1) the majority of students are suffering from ailments that require mental health treatment

    (2) just adding a few more personnel is the best approach in addressing the many needs of students

    (3) teacher and parent identification of youngsters experiencing problems is inadequate and therefore the school should develop a universal screening program

    (4) referring students to a mental health provider should be the first step in helping them address mental health concerns

    (5) a multi-tiered model (MTSS) is a sufficient intervention framework to improve how schools (and communities) help students.

For clarification of these matters and as an aid in planning, see Embedding Mental Health as Schools Change   (available at this time as a free resource).

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    And for a better understanding of the context for helping all students at school, see

  • Improving School Improvement
  • Addressing Barriers to Learning: In the Classroom and Schoolwide
    Both available as free resources at 

  • As schools move forward to address emotional, learning, and behavior problems, please share what’s happening to stimulate broad-based discussion of misdirections and new and better approaches.

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