Policy Leadership Cadre
for Mental Health in Schools

To expand, link, and build the capacity of the pool of persons who provide policy leadership for MH in schools at national, state, regional, and local levels. Such leadership includes a policy focus on promoting social-emotional development and preventing psychosocial and MH problems, as well as policies related to treatment of mental illness.


  • Suggest Areas for policy analyses
  • Share policy information and recommendations
  • Provide feedback on Center's reports and other resources
  • Develop ideas for advancing the field


Any individual willing to play a leadership role in (a) keeping up-to-date with respect to policy for MH in schools and (b) helping to inform, mobilize, support, and enhance the capability of others.



NEW! Special Resource focused on advancing the field

From Corwin Press

Mental Health in Schools: Engaging Learners,
Preventing Problems, and Improving Schools

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