School Mental Health Project

Federal Role in
Mental Health in Schools

The Center at UCLA provides analyses and highlights implications of federal activity that has relevance for mental health in schools. The following are examples from recent years. We invite everyone to send us information about the federal role in mental heatlh in schools for analysis and inclusion below.

Mental Health in Schools Act
    This legislation, proposed by Senator Franken, aims at expanding access to mental health services in schools. If enacted by Congress and signed by the President, it would establish a grant program to support schools that work with community-based organizations to expand access to mental health services for students. The grant program would also provide assistance to schools to train staff, volunteers, families, and other members of the community to recognize the signs of behavioral health problems in students and refer them for appropriate services. Under the legislation, SAMHSA would develop standardized quality measures and participating schools are required to collect and submit data on their programs and outcomes. The legislation asks for authorization of $200 million in grant funding per year over five years, and eligible schools may apply for up to $1 million per grant year, based on the size of their student population.


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