Policy Leadership Cadre
for Mental Health in Schools

Cadre Developed Guidelines for Mental Health in Schools

A field-defining resource and reference work

Mental Health in Schools: Guidelines, Models, Resources & Policy Considerations

The Cadre developed this field defining resource and reference work which is available on-line and in hard copy.

It is designed to address national policy and practice concerns about what mental health (MH) in schools is, is not, and should be.

Major topics covered include:

  • definitional concerns
  • the rationale for mental health in schools
  • a set of guidelines to clarify the nature and scope of a comprehensive, multifaceted approach
  • the ways in which mental health and psychosocial concerns currently are addressed in schools
  • advancing the field.

To enhance the document's resource value for policy and capacity building, a variety of supportive documents and sources for materials, technical assistance, and training are provided.

As is widely recognized, there is a tendency to discuss mental health mainly in terms of mental illness, disorders, or problems. This de facto definition has led school policy makers to focus primarily on concerns about emotional disturbance, violence, and substance abuse and to deemphasize the school's role in the positive development of social and emotional functioning. This document redresses this tendency by stressing a comprehensive, multifaceted orientation to MH in schools and operationalizing this perspective into a set of specific guidelines.

Click here to download/view the complete report in pdf format. To download/view a copy of the executive summary, click here. Hard copies of the document are also available from the Center for a slight fee to cover copying and mailng costs. The executive summary of the report is available at no charge.

To download a copy of the Next Steps for the Cadre response sheet, click here.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. Click here to download.
If you are unable to download the document please contact us. We can send you a copy by mail.

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