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TOPIC: Enabling/Learning Supports Component: Rethinking and Restructuring Student Supports

Over the last two decades, work on transforming student and learning supports has blossomed across the country. Changes being discussed include (a) a fundamental shift in school improvement policy, (b) development of a unified, comprehensive, and equitable system of intervention, (c) reworking of operational infrastructure, and (d) strategic implementation that accounts for replication to scale and sustainability.

In an era of scarce resources, rebuilding supports for learning is essential, but the work often must be done on a shoestring and in stages. Therefore, the Center at UCLA has put together a great amount of free resources to aid those trying to enhance learning supports and has done so with a view to how to proceed in stages and without an allocation of additional funds. Many of these resources are designed to enhance readiness and momentum for new directions for student support; others are aids for building capacity.

As a keystone for the National Initiative for Transforming Student and Learning Supports, a new book has been written entitled Transforming Student and Learning Supports: Developing a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System. This book is in press; for a preview, email

After passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we did an analysis of how ESSA addresses barriers to learning and  the implications for enhancing equity of opportunity. See ESSA, Equity of Opportunity, and Addressing Barriers to Learning

Also see:
Education Leaders' Guide to Transforming Student and Learning Supports

Here is some information about trailblazing states and districts:
Transforming Student and Learning Supports: Trailblazing Initiatives!

With respect to systemic changes, we suggest proceeding in stages. See the resources in System Change Toolkit on line at:; others can be found in the Center's General Resource List at:

Other books on the topic:

Here's a small sample of what's in the System Change Toolkit and the Center Resource List:

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  • Practice Notes

    Center's Initiative for Common Core Standards for Learning Supports

    Examples of Related Resources:

  • A few Other Relevant Publications

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