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UCLA School Mental Health Project
Center for Mental Health in Schools
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Continuing Education:

Addressing Barriers to Learning
New Directions for Mental Health in Schools

Contents of All Three Units

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About Course Format & Introduction to a Continuing Education Module

Contents of Unit I

UNIT I. Placing Mental Health into the Context of Schools and the 21st Century

A. Introductory Overview
State of the Art
Emerging Trends
New Roles

B. The Need to Enhance Healthy Development and Address Barriers to Learning

Promoting Healthy Development
Personal and Systemic Barriers to Student Learning
Family Needs for Social and Emotional Support
Staff Needs for Social and Emotional Support

C. Addressing the Need: Moving Toward a Comprehensive Approach

Meeting Mandates: Necessary . . . but Insufficient and Often Unsatisfying
Understanding What Causes Different Types of Problems
Clinical Approaches at School Sites
School-Based Health Centers, Family Service Centers, and Full Service Schools Programmatic Approaches: Going Beyond Clinical Interventions to Address the Full Range of Problems
Needed: A Full Continuum of Programs and Services

Coda: A Wide Range of Responses for a Wide Range of Problems

Contents of Unit II

UNIT II.Mental Health Services & Instruction: What a School Can Do

A. Screening and Assessment
Initial Problem Identification
Connecting a Student with the Right Help
Screening to Clarify Need
Client Consultation and Referral
Initial Case Monitoring
B. Problem Response and Prevention
Psychological First Aid: Responding to a Student in Crisis
Primary Prevention and Treatment
Ongoing Case Monitoring
To Review
C. Consent, Due Process, and Confidentiality
Consent and Due Process
Privacy & Confidentiality
Release Form: Consent to Exchange Confidential Information
Release Form: Released Records
Coda: Networks of Care

Follow-Up Reading


Contents of Unit III

UNIT III. Working with Others to Enhance Programs and Resources

A. Working Relationships
Differences as a Problem
Differences as a Barrier
Overcoming Barriers Related to Differences
Building Rapport and Connection
One Other Observation

B. Working to Enhance Existing Programs

It's Not About Collaboration. It's About Being Effective
A Team to Manage Care
A Team to Manage Resources

C. Building a Comprehensive, Integrated Approach at Your School

Classroom-Focused Enabling
Crisis Assistance and Prevention
Support for Transitions
Student and Family Assistance
Home Involvement in Schooling
Community Outreach for Involvement and Support
(including a focus on volunteers)

Coda: New Roles for Schools: A Multifaceted Focus