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UCLA School Mental Health Project
Center for Mental Health in Schools
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Continuing Education: Unit III

Addressing Barriers to Learning
New Directions for Mental Health in Schools

Mental Health Services & Instruction:
What a School Can Do


We must indeed all hang together,
or most assuredly we shall
all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin

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Section A.
Working Relationships
Section B.
Working to Enhance Existing Programs
Section C.
Building a Comprehensive, Integrated Approach at Your School
New Roles for Schools: A Multifaceted Focus

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This unit is one of a set of three focused on the role of schools in addressing psychosocial and mental health problems that interfere with students' learning and performance.

Professionals devote a great deal of time and energy learning to carry out individual duties with competence. However, it is becoming increasing evident that the type of comprehensive, integrated approach needed to address barriers to student learning requires systematic changes and programmatic approaches that transcend what individuals can do by themselves.

in general, enhancing services and programs requires a focus on policy change and improving systems of care. The goals are to improve availability, access, coordination, integration, and comprehensiveness. For individual clients, this means developing integrated systems to identify, assess, triage, monitor, manage, and evaluate care. for schools, it means developing integrated systems to map, analyze, and redeploy resources and to outreach to the surrounding community to encourage involvement and assistance.

None of this is likely to happen, or course, in the absence of staff development that fosters capacity building for dealing with mental health and psychosocial problems through new ways to work collaboratively. This is the focus of this unit.

At the very foundation of all this
is working together with others
in effective ways.