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ENEWS - Electronic Networking

Our ENEWS is another forum to link with those who are concerned with enhancing policies, programs, and practices related to addressing barriers to student learning and promoting mental health in schools. It augments the other ways our Center shares information and facilitates interchange and networking.

We just sent out another edition of ENEWS. Join in sharing information and facilitating interchange and networking related to mental health in schools.

To post messages to ENEWS, email them to

To subscribe to ENEWS, go to: and follow the directions to sign up. Alternatively, you can send an email request to: asking to be added to the ENEWS listserv.

ENEWS can now be downloaded in PDF form.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. Click here to download.

ENEWS contains:
Emerging Issue, News from Around the Country, News from our Center,
News from our Sister Center, Upcoming Conferences, Helpful Resources,
Job Opportunities, On-Line Resources.

Volume 2

Download Volume 2, #12 - September 1998
Emerging Issue: USDOE Safe & Drug Free Schools Programs

Download Volume 2, #11 - August 1998
Emerging Issue:Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Ecucation Act (ESEA)

Download Volume 2, #10 - July 1998
Emerging Issue:Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Services

Download Volume 2, #9 - June 1998
Emerging Issue: Responding to Recent Violence at Schools

Download Volume 2, #8 - May 1998
Emerging Issue: Is the Increased Emphasis on Achievement Testing Causing More Cheating?

Download Volume 2, #7 - April 1998
Emerging Issue: Social Promotion: What Should be the Guidelines?

Download Volume 2, #6 - March 1998
Emerging Issue: Calls for Managed Care Reforms

Download Volume 2, #5 - February 1998
Emerging Issue: Early-age Screening Programs

Download Volume 2, #4 - January 1998
Emerging Issue: The Impact of Changes in Federal Law on Students

Download Volume 2, #3 - December 1997
Emerging Issue: Controversies Re. School Districts Contracting Out Services

Download Volume 2, #2 - November 1997
Emerging Issue: Which Laws should families use to ensure youngsters' rights are protected and that they receive special assistance?

Download Volume 2, #1 - October 1997
Emerging Issue: Common Purpose: Strengthening Families and Neighborhoods to Rebuild America-- a new book by Lisbeth Schorr.

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