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    Youth and Young Adult Advisory Group

    Youth and Young Adult Advisory Group

    With our Center's increasing emphasis on young adults (18 to 24), we are seeking input to help guide our work and set priorities. We are particularly interested in hearing from representatives reflecting the diversity of this segment of the population. One way we will do this is to establish a volunteer advisory group.

    Are you interested? Should you agree to join us as advisors, you will become a subgroup of our current cadre of Advisors and will be added to the online listing. We will ask for ideas, suggestions, and reactions as we expand the information, resources and do policy and practice analyses related to young adults. Members of the Young Adult Advisors group can serve for any period of time.

    Advisors receive monthly Center updates and most interact with the Center by email. A subset of young adult advisors are those working at our Center. These staff advisors also contribute to special projects and help to develop resource materials that expand our online clearinghouse.*

    If you have questions about participating, let us know. Contact:

    Ready to sign up? Then, please complete the information below:

    Name & Contact Info:

    Circle any of the following areas that are of interest:

    • Young adults in College,
    • Young adults in the workforce,
    • Young adults raising families,
    • Young adults in the justice system,
    • Young adults unemployed,
    • Young adults with health/mental health concerns.
    Indicate any other areas of interest:

    *See, for example, the following online clearinghouse Quick Finds:

    Family Advisory Group

    • Diana Benavides, Family and Child Counselor
      Luther Burbank School
      San Jose, CA

    • Cynthia DiCamelli, Family Resource Coordinator
      Oregon School District
      Oregon, WI

    • Iris Fanning, Family Counselor
      Albuquerque Public Schools
      Albuquerque, AZ
    • Linda Meigs, Parent Advocate
      Georgetown, TX

    • Robin Richards-Szabo, Family Advocate
      Center for Children and Families
      Glen Falls, NY

    • Rob Schmidt, Student and Family Liaison
      Talbot County Public Schools
      Easton, MD

    Click here for access to responses from the
    Family Advisory Group

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