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What is the Clearinghouse?

The scope of the Center for Mental Health in Schools Clearinghouse reflects the School Mental Health Project's mission, to enhance the ability of schools to address psychosocial problems that interfere with learning.

Whether your focus is an individual, a classroom, a school or a school system, we can be of help to you.

The Clearinghouse is your link to specialized resources, materials and information related to mental health in schools. An extensive array of school programs, curricula, and special materials exists around the country. We're busy right now identifying what's available to you, and we're also updating and enlarging our holdings.

Quick Find Online Clearinghouse offers a fast and convenient way to access Center technical assistance resources. Check it out to access links to selected materials from our Center and clearinghouse archives, relevant publications on the internet, and related agencies and websites.

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What kinds of resources, materials and information can we help you obtain?

Our focus is on materials related to specific mental health and psychosocial problems, programs and procedures, and systems and policies. We can direct you to resources available nationwide, such as:

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What are the topic areas covered in the Clearinghouse?

We are currently developing an extensive catalogue of state of the art information, materials and resources. To maintain a broad perspective of the reforms needed to address barriers to learning, we organize our thinking and materials around the following three categories:

  1. Systemic concerns
    1. Policy Issues & Research Base
      1. The concept of MH in Schools
      2. Addressing Barriers to Student Learning
      3. MH in Schools & School Reform and Restructuring
      4. Research Base
      5. Rethinking Student Support
      6. Integrating School and Community
    2. Systemic Changes & Enhancing and Sustaining Systems/Programs/Services
      1. Collaborative Teams
      2. Mapping and Analyzing Resources
      3. School-Community-Family Connections
      4. Restructuring Student Support Programs
      5. Financial Strategies
      6. Evaluation, Quality Control, and Standards
      7. Sustainability and Scale-Up
      8. Reframing Staff Roles and Functions
    3. Developing comprehensive, Multifaceted, and Integrated Approaches
    4. Building System Capacity and Networking

  2. Program/Process Concerns
    1. Program areas
      1. Classroom Enhancement & Youth Development
      2. Support for Transitions
      3. Crisis Response and Prevention
      4. Home Involvement
      5. Student and Family Assistance
      6. Community Outreach (including Volunteer Participation)
    2. Processes to develop Comprehensive approaches & school-community connections
      1. Enabling Component
      2. School-Based Health Centers
      3. Financing
    3. Staff development Tools

  3. Psychosocial & Mental Health Concerns

Below is a sample of the over 130 topics covered on the Center's Online Clearinghouse Quick Find menu. To enhance access to the Center materials and, at the same time, to alert you to resources available elsewhere, click on any of the following topics. This will take you to a Quick Find. The first items listed will be our Center resources. Click on any of the resources listed there to download the material. To go to the full menu , click here.

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