School Mental Health Project

A Sample of Center Analyses of MH in Schools

A book focused on
advancing the field

Mental Health in Schools:
Engaging Learners, Preventing Problems,
and Improving Schools

Policy Alerts!

  • Don't Just React:
         It's Time to Rethink Policy for Mental Health in Schools

  • Embedding Mental Health into a Learning Supports Component:
        An Essential Step for the Field to Take Now
  • Note: Available is a Power Point presentation entitled: Mental Health in Schools: Becoming an Integrated Part of the School Improvement Agenda along with a set of PDF formatted handouts from which the power point slides were created.

    Examples of  Reports

    For More Center Developed Resources on Mental Health in Schools, see
    Resources & Publications

    For a Sampling of References Related to MH in Schools, see
    Mental Health in Schools - A Sampling of References (from the Center's Quick Find Collection)

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