School Mental Health Project

Toolkit for Rebuilding Student Supports into
a Comprehensive System for
Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Section B

Tools for initial and ongoing planning
of the rebuilding process

Reframing Intervention

Moving toward a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports: Mapping & Analyzing Learning Supports

    A tool outlining a six step process that can be used by school improvement planners and decision makers to chart all current activities and resource use (e.g., school, district, community) as a basis for evaluating the current state of development, doing a gap analysis, and setting priorities for moving forward.

Response to Intervention

Natural Opportunities to Promote Social-Emotional Learning and MH

Reworking Infrastructure

    Infrastructure: Is What We Have What We Need?

    Notes on Infrastructure at a Small School

      Obviously, a small school has less staff and other resources than most larger schools. Nevertheless, the three major functions necessary for school improvement remain the same in all schools, namely (1) improving instruction, (2) providing learning supports to address barriers to learning and teaching, and (3) enhancing management and governance. These notes highlights the needed roles and functions that call for a change in current operational and organizational infrastructure at the school site.

    Notes on Infrastructure for Learning Supports at District, Regional, and State Offices

    Resource Oriented Teams: Key Infrastructure Mechanisms for Enhancing Education Supports

    One Page Handout on What is a Learning Supports Resource Team?

    Guide to enhancing school-community infrastructure and weaving resources together

    Guidance Notes for Designing a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports and Strategically Planning its Implementation

      These notes are intended to highlight and guide teams through the work involved in developing
      • a prototype design document for a comprehensive system of learning supports
      • initial strategic and action plans for transformation

Capacity Building

Powerpoints, Webinars, and Handouts

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