School Mental Health Project

Toolkit for Rebuilding Student Supports into
a Comprehensive System for
Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Section A

Brief documents clarifying the imperative for rebuilding and
providing a big picture for policy makers,
administrators, and other stakeholders

Rationale and Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about Rebuilding Student Supports

School Improvement? . . . fully addressing barriers to learning and teaching is the next step!

Assuring No Child is Left Behind; Enhancing Our Learning Support System by Building a Comprehensive Approach that Closes the Achievement Gap and Ensures Every Student has an Equal Opportunity to Succeed at School

Two related "White Papers" with a set of talking points that can be used for brief presentations to administrators, school boards, etc.

So you Want Higher Achievement Scores? It's Time to Rethink Learning Supports.
From the Journal of the National Association of State Boards of Education.

Developing a Comprehensive System to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching: Keeping the Big Picture in Focus

Moving Toward a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports: The Next Evolutionary Stage in School Improvement Policy and Practice

What are Learning Supports?

What is a Comprehensive Approach to Student Supports?

Powerpoint Presentations:

Notes for Q & A

Examples of Policy Formulations at school, district, county, and state levels

Frameworks for Systemic Transformation of Student and Learning Supports

Toward Next Steps in School Improvement: Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Prototypes of Guidelines and Standards

Prototype Guidelines for a Learning Supports Component

    Overview of Standards and Accountability to Encompass a Learning Supports Component

      Establishing standards is another facet of ensuring high levels of attention and support for development of comprehensive, multifaceted approaches to address barriers to learning and teaching. To illustrate a starting point in developing such a set of standards, included in this resource are:

      • the prototype guidelines for a student support component

      • a set of standards with quality indicators

      • the Quality Student Support Criteria and Rubrics from the Hawai`i Department of Education's document entitled: Standards Implementation Design System

      • Also included is an expanded framework for school accountability to account for a learning supports component.


A Prototype for a School District Proposal

A Set of Aids for Design Teams

Powerpoints, Webinars, and Handouts

Books on the topic from the Center's Co-Directors


The School Leader's Guide to Student Learning Supports:
New Directions for Addressing Barriers to Learning

The Implementation Guide to Student Learning Supports:
New Directions for Addressing Barriers to Learning

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