School Mental Health Project

Rebuilding Kit for a Comprehensive
System of Learning Supports

This kit is divided into three sections.
  • Section A offers exemplars, guides, and discussions related to moving forward with a comprehensive system of learning supports. For example, it offers a prototype for a school district proposal, examples of policy formulations, a guide on how to phase-in a learning supports component that includes an outline of steps, a calendar for integrating the work into school improvement planning, a monitoring outline, and set of benchmark indicators, a draft of a five year phase-in plan, and prototypes for component guidelines, standards and accountability. (go to Section A)

  • Section B describes a variety of brief guidance and blueprint notes, tools, and training materials developed by the Center at UCLA to aid capacity building (particularly staff and stakeholder development). Direct website addresses are provided for ready access. These range from note to respond to frequently asked questions, tools for mapping and analyzing existing practices, and notes about rethinking infrastructure at all levels. (go to Section B)

  • Section C highlights a topical Quick Find Clearinghouse that is readily accessed through a menu (direct website addresses are provided). The menu of over 130 specific Quick Finds covers topics related to disaster response, classroom management, motivation (including engagement and re-engagement in classroom learning), social and emotional development, and much more. Some of the Quick Finds provide links directly to staff/stakeholder development and training aids and tutorials and continuing education modules. (go to Section C)

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