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UCLA School Mental Health Project
Center for Mental Health in Schools
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Continuing Education

Addressing Barriers to Learning
New Directions for Mental Health in Schools

Accompanying Resource and Technical Aids

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As additional resources for you and others at your school, the following materials are available through the Center at For a more extensive list see our list of Center Materials.

Parent and Home Involvement in Schools
Provides an overview of how home involvement is conceptualized and outlines current models and basic resources. Issues of special interest to under-served families are addressed.

Screening/Assessment: Indicators and Tools
Designed to provide some resources relevant to screening students experiencing problems. In particular, this packet includes a perspective for understanding the screening process and aids for initial problem identification and screening of several major psychosocial problems.

Substance Abuse: Indicators and Screening
Offers some guides to provide schools with basic information on widely abused drugs and indicators of substance abuse. Includes some assessment tools and reference to prevention resources.

School-Based Client Consultation, Referral, and Management of Care
Discusses why it is important to approach student clients as consumers and to think in terms of managing care, not cases. Outlines processes related to problem identification, triage, assessment and client consultation, referral, and management of care. Provides discussion of prereferral intervention and referral as a multifaceted intervention. Clarifies the nature of ongoing management of care and the necessity of establishing mechanisms to enhance systems of care. Examples of tools to aid in all these processes are included.

Responding to Crisis in Schools
Provides a set of guides and handouts for use in crisis planning and as aids for training staff to respond effectively. Contains materials to guide the organization and initial training of a school-based crisis team, as well as materials for use in ongoing training and as information handouts for staff and in some cases for students and parents.

Where to Get Resource Materials
Offers school staff and parents a listing of centers, organizations, groups, and publishers that provide resource materials such as publications, brochures, fact sheets, audiovisual & multimedia tools on different mental health problems and issues in school settings.

Students and Psychotropic Medication: The School's Role
Underscores the need to work with prescribers in ways that safeguard the student and the school. Contains aids related to safeguards and for providing the student, family, and staff with appropriate information on the effects and monitoring of various psychopharmacological drugs used to treat child and adolescent psycho-behavioral problems.