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A form of tool kit for circumscribed areas of practice; contains materials to guide and assist with staff training and student/family interventions including overviews, outlines, checklists, instruments, other resources that can be reproduced and used as info handouts and aids; and info about accessing other resources.

A. Screening/Assessing Students: Indicators and Tools
Provides resources relevant to screening students experiencing problems; includes a perspective for understanding the screening process and aids for initial problem identification and screening. -- ($7.00; 10/01; 99pp)
Download this packet now (495 KB)

B. Responding to Crisis at a School
Provides guides and handouts for crisis planning, training staff, school-based crisis teams; contains handouts for staff, students, and parents. -- ($8.50; 9/00; 125pp)
Download this packet now (527 kb)

C. Addressing Barriers to Learning
A Set of Surveys to Map What a School Has and What It Needs
Surveys are provided covering six program areas and related system needs that constitute a comprehensive, integrated approach to addressing barriers and thus enabling learning. The six program areas are (1) classroom-focused enabling, (2) crisis assistance and prevention, (3) support for transitions, (4) home involvement in schooling, (5) student and family assistance programs and services, and (6) community outreach for involvement and support (including volunteers). -- ($4.50; revised 6/01; 54pp)
Sample of Home Involvement Survey from our Newsletter | Download this packet now (181 KB).

D. Students and Psychotropic Medication: The School's Role
Contains aids related to safeguards and provides info on the effects and monitoring of various psychopharmacological drugs used to treat child and adolescent psycho-behavioral problems. -- ($5.50; 1/03; 62pp)
Download this packet now (295 KB).

E. Substance Abuse
Offers guides to schools on abused drugs and indicators of substance abuse; includes assessment tools and reference to prevention resources. -- ($9.50; 2003; 150pp)
Download this packet now (822 kb).

F. Clearinghouse Catalogue
Contains annotated descriptions of articles, books, reports, programs, tools, etc.; these are organized under three general categories: systemic; program/process; & psychosocial/MH concerns. -- ($25.00) To get the most up-to-date information about the resources in our clearinghouse use our
Clearinghouse Database Search.

G. Consultation Cadre Catalogue
provides info for accessing a large network of experienced colleagues who have agreed to share their expertise without charging a fee. Cadre members have expertise related to major systemic/policy concerns, program/process concerns, and psychosocial/MH concerns. -- ($17.00) To get the most up-to-date information about the members of our Consultation Cadre use our
Database Search.

H. Catalogue of Internet Sites Relevant to Mental Health in Schools
Contains a compilation of Internet links related to addressing barriers to student learning and MH in schools. (Updated regularly) -- ($5.50; 2001; 72pp)
Download this packet now (808 KB).

I. Organizations with Resources Relevant to Addressing Barriers to Learning: A Catalogue of Clearinghouses, Technical Assistance Centers, and Other Agencies
Categorizes and provides contact info on organizations focusing on children's mental health, education and schools, school-based and school-linked centers, and general concerns related to youth and other health related matters. (Updated regularly) -- ($8.50; 2002; 133pp)
Download this packet now (496 KB).

J. Where to Get Resource Materials to Address Barriers to Learning
Offers school staff and parents lists of centers, organizations, groups, and publishers that provide resource materials such as publications, brochures, fact sheets, audiovisual & multimedia tools on different mental health problems and issues in school settings. -- ($13.50; 3/97; 232pp)
View this packet on-line:
Section I
National Centers, Clearinghouses & Professional Organizations
Section II Publishers & Distributors

K. Where to Access Statistical Information Relevant to Addressing Barriers to Learning: An Annotated Reference List.
Provides resources to updated statistical information on a broad range of topics on youth, mental health, education, etc. -- ($3.50; 8/98; 31pp)
Download this packet now (71 KB).

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