Where to Get Resource Materials To Address Barriers to Learning
Section II
Publishers and Distributors**

This section contains publishers, books, curriculum programs, multimedia tool kits such as audio/videotapes/CD-roms and other educational software packages, educational games, etc. that are useful for classroom and counseling purposes. This also includes in-service training programs for staff development. * While our Center identified these publishers and distributors as resource places, we realize these are private companies and are in no way related to us. Our Center also acknowledges that the list is not exhaustive and may have excluded other equally relevant places unintentionally. If you know of other good resources that should be included in this packet, we would appreciate your recommendation.

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American Guidance Service (AGS) Guidance Catalog
American Humane Association
American Psychological Association (APA)
At-Risk Resources
Canter & Associates
Creative Therapy Store (Western Publishing Services)
ETR Associates
Free Spirit Publishing
The Health Connection
Krames Communications
MarshMedia School Plan Revies
Morning Glory Press
The National Center for Violence Prevention
Performance Resource Press
Prevention Resources from the Wisconsin Clearinghouse
Research Press
Scriptographic (Channing L. Bete, Co., Inc.)
Sidran Foundation
Waterfront Books
Zephyr Press

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