Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching
and Re-engaging Students

Collaborative Implementation

The intent of Scholastic's collaboration with our Center at UCLA is to provide leaders of national, state, and large district education agencies and organizations with resources to help them substantively rethink and comprehensively restructure how they address barriers to learning and teaching. Those who chose to move forward with systemic changes for addressing barriers to learning and teaching are provided ongoing learning opportunities to guide planning and implementation.

The intent is to enhance school improvement capacity building by offering information, guidance and support through the auspices of the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools and Scholastic.

This includes

  • In person professional input and interchange (e.g., Leadership  presentations)
  • Distance professional development and guidance (e.g. mentoring, coaching, technical assistance via email and phone)
  • Print and online supplemental resources

Leadership Institute -- designed to orient school leaders to the need for student learning supports, the full continuum of essential school-community interventions, and the core principles and tenets of a unified and comprehensive system of learning support. Provided district or state leadership teams with a basis for developing a "blueprint" for transforming student and learning supports.

Online Institute -- this resource was developed to enable users to probe deeper with theory and practice content. The online resources are especially designed as aids for moving forward. See:

Technical Assistance -- strategic guidance for those pursuing implementation of a unified and comprehensive system of learning supports

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