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Mental Health/Policy Resource Sites

Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is an electronic guide to information regarding adolescent issues and secondary education, maintained by the Center for Adolescent Studies, located in the School of Education, Indiana University.

Adolescent Health Online is a resource for information on adolescent health issues. The site offers Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services (GAPS) which describes the content and delivery of recommended comprehensive clinical preventive services for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 21.

American Psychiatric Press, Inc. now has a site where you can check out the Book of the Month, read sample book chapters online, check out journal abstracts online, find new books and journal issues, and place orders online.

The Child Survivor of Traumatic Stress Electronic newsletter for professionals, based on annual newsletter of the same name. Provides information for professionals who work with traumatized children. University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

The Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI)'s mission is to strengthen mental health services throughout the state of Florida. As the state's primary research and training facility for mental health, FMHI conducts research,education, and demonstration programs.

Human Nature Review Goal is to bring into communication the variety of approaches to understanding human nature which have a regrettable tendency to be less in touch with one another than they might. Aims to act as host to original work and to seek to create an enabling space, a forum for constructive (including constructively critical) discussion and critiques of the terms of reference and assumptions of various approaches to the understanding of people as individuals, in groups, in institutions, in societies and as political and ideological beings. .

HealthAtoZ is a comprehensive search engine that is comprised of all medical and health related sites. HealthAtoZ provides format and search capabilities for medical professional and consumers and are comprehensive, and consistently maintained and updated.

Internet Mental Health is for anyone who has an interest in mental health. Internet Mental Health is a free encyclopedia of mental health information. Contains links to the most commonly used mental health sites.

Jim Kendrick and the P2C2 Group announced a new website of interest to educational researchers who develop grant applications and proposals for sponsored research. The emphasis is on the Federal government and Washington DC information resources.

Mental Health InfoSource is the Internet service of CME, Inc. The mission to provide useful, high-quality mental health information and education to all who want to increase their knowledge of mental illness, and the advances being made in its treatment and prevention.

The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care serves as a membership organization and collegial home for professionals dedicated to the implementation of school-based health centers.

Psych Central Psychologists who want an easy-to-read index of mental health-related web sites can explore Psych Central, created by psychologist John grohol, Ph.D.

Psychcrawler is a search engine produced by the American Psychological Association created to provide quick access to quality content in the field of psychology.

Pulier's Personal Psychiatry and Mental Health Resources includes a listing of over 550 organizations indexed by name, their meetings and events, place, and date.

RuralPsych is an internet resource center for rural behavioral health information. Two dozen specially-trained health care professionals are now available to help rural psychologists and other health care providers work in interdisciplinary teams. The trainers work with providers interested in learning how to function effectively as members of collaborative teams in delivering behavioral health services to rural communities. h.

School Psychology Resources provides links to sites of interest to the school psychology community, parents, and educators. There are resources on specific conditions, disorders, and handicaps in addition to assessment/evaluation, journals, parenting and family, school psychology sites and much more.

Sociometrics Corporation's website offers a searchable index of over 350 dataset abstracts and 150,000 variable descriptions, as well as a catalog of data/instrument archives, prevention and evaluation resources, and research support services which cover adolescent health, pregnancy prevention, family, aging, drug abuse, and AIDS & STDs.

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