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Consultation Cadre
Consultation Cadre:
Colleagues Helping Colleagues

The Consultation Cadre provides a network of individuals with expertise who provide responses to requests for information from colleagues. The Cadre was established to enable the process of colleagues helping colleagues. It functions in two ways:

  1. Each week the Center sends out a Practitioners' Listserv that includes requests for information sent to the Center from colleagues across the country. This listserv is sent to all Consultation Cadre members with an invitation to reply if they want to. (Even if they don't, the responses provided often are relevant to their own work.)

  2. Individual Cadre members are listed in a data base (click on Search above). This allows anyone who is looking for someone with relevant expertise who is willing to provide a limited amount of free consultation.

Over 275 professionals have volunteered to network with others to share what they know. Cadre members have indicated expertise related to major system concerns, a variety of program and processing issues, and almost every type of psychosocial problem. They work in urban and rural areas across the country.

Cadre members are not screened. It's not our role to endorse anyone. We think it's wonderful that so many professionals want to help their colleagues, and our role is to provide a way for you all to connect with each other. Using our website you can SEARCH our Consultation Cadre by topic for a list of members who are willing to assist you.

For additional assistance you may contact our center's Technical Assistance..

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