Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching
and Re-engaging Students

System Change Toolkit
Transforming Student Supports into a
Unified & Comprehensive System for

Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Transforming marginalized and fragmented student and learning supports into a unified and comprehesnive system requires blueprint guides, materials, tools and other resources for strategic planning, implementation, and capacity building. Such resources also help to deepen learning about the substance and processes of the work to be done.

With this in mind, a Sytem Change Toolkit has been developed and  continues to evolve. It provides a wide range of detailed resource materials (e.g., exemplars, guides, aids, tools) ranging from guides for responding to frequently asked questions, tools for mapping and analyzing existing practices, and prototypes for expanding school improvement policy, framing intervention comprehensively, and rethinking infrastructure at all levels. Direct website addresses are provided for ready access.

This kit is divided into five sections.

    Section A provides brief documents clarifying the imperative for rebuilding and providing a big picture (including exemplars and guides) for policy makers, administrators, and other stakeholders to adapt in moving forward with a comprehensive system of learning supports.

    Section B offers a variety of tools for initial and ongoing planning of the rebuilding process.

    Section C offers brief guidance and blueprint notes, specific tools, and training material related to phasing in the new system and providing ongoing capacity building.

    Section D provides some introductory resources for planning and implementing essential systemic changes.

    Section E provides access to a Quick Find Clearinghouse covering over 130 specific topics related to addressing barriers to learning and teaching, re-engagement and motivation, system development and change, and much more.

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