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>>>Student/Learning Supports: A Brief Guide for Moving in New Directions

Information on Where's it Happening?: Examples from School Districts and State Departments of Education Developing New Directions for Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Leadership Resources for Learning Support

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    Special Practice Notes Series 

    Classroom Problems: What a Teacher Can Do Right Away?

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  • Tools and Other Resources

    • Toolkit: Transforming Student Supports into a Unified & Comprehensive System for Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

      This kit is divided into five sections.

      Section A contains a set of brief documents clarifying the imperative for rebuilding and providing a big picture for policy makers, administrators, and other stakeholders. These include: briefs clarifying the rationale and frequently asked questions about rebuilding student supports; examples of policy formulations; prototypes of guidelines and standards; and a prototype for a school district proposal

      Section B describes some planning tools for initial and ongoing planning of the rebuilding process. These include: reframing intervention; reworking infrastruction; and capacity building.

      Section C includes tools related to phasing-in the new system such as: planning phase-in; and ongoing capacity building.

      Section D contains some considerations about systemic change.

      Section E highlights a topical Quick Find Clearinghouse that is readily accessed through a menu (direct website addresses are provided). The menu of over 130 specific Quick Finds covers topics related to disaster response, classroom management, motivation (including engagement and re-engagement in classroom learning), social and emotional development, and much more. Some of the Quick Finds provide links directly to staff/stakeholder development and training aids and tutorials and continuing education modules.

    • Toolbox - Practitioner and Professional Development: Virtual Toolbox for Mental Health in Schools

      This online toolbox compiles various brief resources developed by the national Center. While it is intended as an adjunct to the book Mental Health in Schools: Engaging Learners, Preventing Problems, and Improving Schools (Corwin Press, 2010), the contents of the toolbox should be useful to any school practitioner and those involved in pre-and inservice professional development programs.

      The toolbox reflects a broad view of mental health in schools and of the role mental health plays in the well-being of students, their families, and their teachers. Also stressed is the value of embedding mental health into a comprehensive classroom and school-wide system for addressing barriers to learning and teaching and re-engaging disconnected students as an essential facet of ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to succeed at school.

      The Nine Sections of the Toolbox are:

      1. Framing Mental Health in Schools Concerns and Controversies
      2. Challenges and Opportunities in the Classroom
      3. About Behavior Problems and Social and Emotional Learning
      4. Mental Health Assistance for Students at School
      5. Focusing on the Well-being of School Staff
      6. On-line Clearinghouse Quick Finds and Fact & Information Resources
      7. Online Continuing Education Modules & Guidebooks
      8. Quick Training Aids & Tutorials

    • A Sampling of MH in Schools References

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