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abnormal psychology see also psychology
abortion see also family planning
absenteeism see also attendance
abstinence see also family planning
academic success see also academic
addiction see also drug abuse
administrative and structural changes
adolescence see also adolescent
adolescent car accidents see also adolescent
adolescent drowning see also adolescent
adolescent fire/burn deaths see also adolescent
adolescent firearm deaths see also adolescent
adolescent homicide see also adolescent
adolescent injury see also adolescent
adolescent recreational injuries see also adolescent
adolescent risky behavior see also adolescent see also at-risk
adolescent sports see also adolescent
adoption see also family planning
affective disorders
affective effects see also affective disorders
African Americans
after school
aggressive behavior see also aggression
alcohol see also drugs
alcoholism see also alcohol see also drug abuse
Ameriasian Project
America 2000 see also Goals 2000
America's schools act of 1994 see also legislation
American Indian
American Medical Association see also medical see also organizations
American Psychological Association see also psychology see also psychological
American's with Disabilities Act of 1990 see also legislation
anger management
anorexia nervosa see also eating disorders
art therapy see also therapy
asthma see also illness
attachment see also development
attention deficit disorder (ADD)
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
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B barriers behavior policy behavioral change behavioral initiatives behavioral problems benefit bereavement see also grief bibliography bilingual bill see also legislation bipolar disorder see also affective disorders birth control see also family planning bisexual see also sexual preference blended funding blind see also disabilities block grants see also grants body piercing boot camps bottom up and top down brochure budget see also financing bulimia nervosa see also eating disorders bullies bullying see also bullies burn out business Return to Keywords Main Page

C campaign cancer see also illness career in psychology see also psychology see also employment caregiver caring case management case monitoring see also case management case planning see also case management catalog categorical problem Center for Disease Control (CDC) see also disease see also center Center for Population Outcomes see also center see also outcomes Center for the Study of Social Policy see also center see also social centers certification change change agents see also reform see also change change processes see also reform see also change charity child child care child care providers see also child care child protection child protective services see also child protection child-centered childbearing see also pregnancy childhood childhood weight problem see also eating disorders children children with special needs children's Children's Defense fund see also children's Children's Global Assessment Scale see also children's chronic illness see also illness chronic welfare dependency see also welfare classroom behaviors see also classroom classroom-focused enabling see also classroom classrooms clearinghouses Client (Consumer) Rating of Concerns see also consumer see also assessment client outcomes see also outcomes clinical clinicians co-teaching see also teaching codependency cognitive skills see also learning see also skills cognitive-behavioral therapy see also therapy collaboration collaborative college students see also universities communication community community building see also community community-based communities components comprehensive computer computer assisted learning see also computer see also learning computerized testing see also testing condoms see also family planning conduct disorder see also behavioral problems see also children conferences confidentiality conflict resolution see also conflict conflicts congress consent consent form see also consent constitution consultation consumer consumer-guided services see also consumer see also services continuing education see also education continuum contraception see also family planning controlled study cooperation coordinated coordination coping corporate involvement see also corporations corporatio corporations cost cost savings to the tax payer see also cost see also financing counseling counselors county service planning areas courts credentialing system credibility crime criminal behavior criminal sexual conduct crisis crisis response see also crisis cross-cultural see also cultural cross-disciplinary training see also training cultural cultural cohesiveness see also cultural cultural competence see also cultural cultural integrity see also cultural cultural norms see also cultural cultural sensitivity see also cultural culturally appropriate services culture see also cultural curfew curriculum curriculum and instruction see also curriculum Return to Keywords Main Page

D data base data match date rape dating day care see also child care day treatment see also treatment deaf see also disabilities death debt decentralization delinquency see also criminal behavior delivered services see services demographics Department of Education see also education see also organizations Department of Health see also health see also organizations depression detection development developmental developmental concerns see also development developmentally disabled see also development also disabilities diagnosis diagrams disabilities disability disabled see also disability see also disability disadvantages discipline diseases disorders dispute resolution see also conflict dissemination disturbed diversity divorce documentation see also record keeping domestic violence see also violence Downs Syndrome dropout drug abuse drug and health aids see also drug drugs drugs and workplace see also drugs dysgraphia dyslexia Return to Keywords Main Page

E early early care see also child care eating disorders economic economic development see also economic economic inequities see also economic economic status see also economic education educators see also teachers effectiveness effects elderly Elementary and Secondary Education Act see also legislation see also education elementary school see also school emotional emotional control see also emotional emotional learning emotionally disturbed see also emotional empirical support employee health employment empowerment enabling enabling component see also enabling English proficiency see also bilingual enrichment entertainment industry entitlement environment epidemiology ethical ethics ethnic ethnicity see also ethnic evaluation evidence expanded school see also school expenses see also cost expulsion see also school failure extended day program see also after school see also children extended family see also family Return to Keywords Main Page

F facilitating fact sheet families family family planning family preservation see also family family-centered see also family family-school interactions see also family see also sch fathers see also parents federal federal role see also federal females fetal alcohol syndrome see also pregnancy see also alcohol field-based finances see also financing financial financial benefits see also financing financial strategies financing fiscal accountability see also financing focus groups see also programs food and nutrition see also wellness food stamps see also welfare Fort Bragg Demonstration Project foster care foundations see also organizations fragmentation full full inclusion full-service funding funding strategies Return to Keywords Main Page

G gangs gatekeeping normalization gay see also sexual preference gender gender equity awareness see also gender Goals 2000 governance government spending see also governance see also financing grandparents grants grassroots grief group counseling see also co grassroots grief group counseling see counseling group-focused leadership Growing Healthy see also health see also programs guidance teams guidelines Return to Keywords Main Page

H handbook see sources of assistance hate crimes see also criminal behavior Head start health health care Health Care Reform Tracking Project see also health care see also reform health related behavior see also health Health Resources and Services Administration see also health see also resources see also services Health Sciences Program see also health see also program health status see also health Healthy People 2000 see also health see also Goals 2000 Healthy Start high school see also school high-risk see also at-risk higher education see also universities see also education Hispanics history HIV/AIDS see also AIDS home home visits see also treatment home-based treatment see also treatment homeless homicide see also violence homophobia see also sexual preference homosexuality see also sexual preference hospitals see also treatment hotlines see also sources of assistance housing human hunger hyperactivity see also attention deficit hyperactivty disorder (ADHD) hypersexuality Return to Keywords Main Page

I identification identity illness immigrants implementation Improving America's Schools Act (IASA) see also legislation see also schools see also reform incarcerated Incest see also sex offenders inclusion income independent living individualized service models Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) see also disabilities see also education see also legislation industry infancy see also infants infants information sharing information systems informed consent see also consent infrastructure inhalants see also drugs initiatives inner city see also urban inservice training see also inservice training see also training Institute of Medicine see also medicine see also organization institutionalization insurance integrated integrated services providers see also services see also integrated integration intensive in-home treatment see also treatment interagency interdependent organizations see also organizations interdisciplinary intergenerational transmission see also multi-generational intergroup conflict see also conflict interinstitutional collaboratives international internet see also computer interprofessional intervention intrinsic motivation involvement Return to Keywords Main Page

J Japan job placement see also job jobs journals see also sources of assistance see also publications justice department see also justice system justice system juvenile detention see also justice system see also adolescents juvenile justice see also justice system see also adolescents juvenile offenders see also justice system see also adolescents Return to Keywords Main Page

K kindergarten Return to Keywords Main Page

L labor laws see also laws see also employment Latin America Latino law enforcement see police laws leadership learning learning activities see also learning least intervention needed legal legal guidance legislation legislative see also legislation legislature see also legislation lesbian see also sexual preference Level of Parental Functioning (assessment) see also parental see also assessment licensing life-span development see also development Linguistic Diversity see also bilingual literacy lobby see also legislation local low income see also urban Return to Keywords Main Page

M mainstreaming males maltreatment managed care management managing transition see also transition mandated reporting see also record keeping mandates mapping marriage maternal see also pregnanc mapping marriage maternal media mediation Medicaid medical medications see also medicine medicine meeting meeting structure/format see also meeting mental disabilities see also disabilities mental disorders see also psychopathology mental health Mental Health Initiative for Urban Children see also mental health see also children see also urban mental health literature see also mental health mental health policy mental retardation see also disabilities mentally ill see also disabilities see also psychopatholgy mentoring mid-Atlantic middle school see also school migrant military minimizing burn out see also burn out minority minority issues see also minority minors misbehavior missing and exploited children see also children missions mobility see also transitions model descriptions see also models models mortality mothers see also parents motivation multi- motivation multi-cultural multi-generational multiagency multidisciplinary multifaceted services & support see also support see also services municipalities music therapy see therapy mutual support groups see also support Return to Keywords Main Page

N national National Mental Health Association see also national see also mental health National Network for Educational Renewal see also national see also education National Prevention Coalition see also national see also prevention national resource network see also national see also resource needs neglect neighborhoods networking neuropsychology see also psychology new technology newsletters see also sources of assistance newspaper see also media nurses in school settings see also nurses see also school nutrition Return to Keywords Main Page

O obesity see also eating disorders obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) see also disorders order form organization facilitation guide see also organization organizational change see also organization see also reform see also change organizational patterns see also organization organizations outcome measures see also outcome outcome study see also outcome outcomes outpatient psychotherapy see also therapy outreach Return to Keywords Main Page

P panic disorder see also disorders parent empowerment see also parents parental parenthood see also parents parenting parents partnerships pedagogy see also teaching pediatric psychology see also psychology peers peer counselor peer mentor see also mentoring see also peer peer pressure see also peer peer role-modeling see also peer peer tutors see also peer performance standards see also standards Perkins Vocational personality personnel pervasive developmental disorders see also development phobias physical planning planning guide play therapy see also therapy police policies policy policy implications see also policy political controversy see also legal populations portfolio positive lifestyle post sexual abuse trauma see also trauma see also victim Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome see also trauma see also victim postsecondary education see also education poverty see also economic practice pregnancy prejudice prenatal see also pregnancy preschool preschoolers see also preschool preservice training see also training prevention preventive primary privacy proactive avoidance behavior see also behavioral problems probation problem solving skills training see also training see also skills see also problem problematic behaviors see also behavioral problems procrastination professionals program cost effectiveness see also program see also cost program design see also program program discussion-makers see also program programming programs promising directions for practice proposal prostitution protocol psychiatric hospitalization see also psychiatry see also treatment psychiatric hospitals see also psychiatry see also treatment psychological psychological distress see also psychological psychological first aid see also therapy see also psychological psychologist psychology psychopathology psychosis see also psychopathology psychosocial psychotropic medication see also psychiatry see also medicine puberty see also development see also adolescent public public administration see also public public awareness see also public publications publishers see also publications Return to Keywords Main Page

Q quality quality of care see also quality questionnaire Return to Keywords Main Page

R race comparison see also ethnic race see also ethnic race tensions see also ethnic racial tension rape reactive avoidance behavior see also behavioral problems readiness ready to learn see also learning see also readiness recidivism record keeping record sharing see also record keeping see also confidentiality recruitment referral reform refugees regional support networks see also support regulatory affairs rehabilitation Rehabilitation Act of 1973 see also leg relationships relaxation training see also therapy see also training see also stress religious institutions reporting reports reproductive health see also pregnancy see also health research residential treatment centers see also treatment see also centers resilience resiliency see also resilience resources respite care restructure see also reform restructuring see also reform rights risk factors see also at-risk Robert Wood Johnson Foundation runaways rural rural issues see also rural Return to Keywords Main Page

S safe schools see also safety see also schools safe sex see also family planning safety sample forms see also models schizophrenia see also psychopathology school adjustment see also school school administrators see also school school avoidance see also school school based violence school boards see als school choice see also school school decision making see also school school district see also school school failure school health promotion see also school see also health school improvement see also school see also reform school to work school transformation see also school school-affiliated health see also school see also health school-affiliated strategies see also school see also strategies school-based school-based client consultation see also school-based see also consultation school-based clinics see also school-based school-community linkages school-community service linkages school-linked schools screening secondary education see also education Section 504 self-control Self-destructive behaviors see also behavioral problems self-esteem self-help seminar experience separation serious emotional disturbance see also emotional seriously emotionally disturbed (SED) see also emotional service delivery systems see also service service litigation see also service services severe mental illness see also psychopathology sex education see also education sex offenders sex-role identification sexual sexual activity sexual assault sexual decision making see also sexual activity sexual exploitation sexual harassment sexual partners see also dating see also sexual activity sexual preference sexuality sexually transmitted diseases (STD) shaken baby syndrome see also abuse see also infants short-term student counseling see also students see also counseling siblings see also family skills sleep disorders small businesses smoking social social competence see also social social interaction see also social social isolation see also social social learning social movements see also social social problem solving see also social social skills social structure of schooling see also social social work social worker see also social work socio-economic status see also economic sociodemographics see also demographics sources of assistance Spanish special education specialized services staff see also services see also staff staff staffing staffing patterns see also staffing stakeholders stalking see also criminal behavior standardized testing see also testing standards starting school see also school see also readiness state state board of education see also state see also education State Department of Mental Health see also state see also mental health state level agencies see also state see also organizations state role state waivers status offenders see also criminal behavior stepfamilies see also families steroids see also drugs stigma strategies stress stressful life event therapy see also stress see also therapy students study substance abuse see also drug abuse substance abusers see also drug abuse suburban Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) suicide Supplemental Security Income see also income support support groups see also support supreme court see also legislation Systems systemic systems of care see also services Return to Keywords Main Page

T tattooing teaching teaching aids see also teaching team building see also team teams technical assistance technology teenage mothers see also parents teens see also adolescents terrorism see also criminal terrorism testing therapeutic foster care see also therapy see also foster care therapeutic group homes see also therapy therapy time management title Title I see also title tobacco see also smoking toddlers top down/bottom up approach Tourette's syndrome tracking training transitional transitions transorganizational management see also organization see also management transportation health connections see also health trauma travel and hobbies see also wellness treatment triage truancy see also attendance truants see also attendance tutoring see also teaching types Return to Keywords Main Page

U underachieving undifferentiated attention deficit disorder see also attention deficit disorder (ADD) unemployment unincorporated areas universities university university-based see also universities urban utilization Return to Keywords Main Page

V values victimization see also victims victims video games videos violence violent behavior vocational rehabilitation voluntary association see also volunteers volunteering see also volunteers volunteerism see also volunteers volunteers vulnerable children see also children Return to Keywords Main Page

W war weapons see also violence welfare wellness whole child services women Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 see also employment see also legislation workbook see also sources of assistance worksite health see also employee health see also health see also employment wraparound services see also services Return to Keywords Main Page

Y youth evaluation scale see also adolescent see also assessment youth see also adolescents youth violence Return to Keywords Main Page