Special Resource Material Developed by the Center

Title: What Schools Can Do to Welcome and Meet the Needs of All Students and Families (Guidebook)

Description: Collected together here are a set of stand alone resources that in combination provide a guidebook for understanding and meeting some common concerns that confront schools on a regular basis. Contents include: Introduction: Schools as Caring, Learning Communities; I. Welcoming and Involving New Students and Families (Technical Assistant Packet); II. Volunteers to Help Teachers and Schools Address Barriers to Learning (Technical Aid Packet); III. Parent and Home Involvement in Schools (Introductory Packet); IV. School-Based Client Consultation, Referral, and Management of Care (Technical Aid Packet); V. Revisiting Learning and Behavior Problems: Moving Schools Forward (Select chapters from this book to meet your immediate needs); VI. Enhancing School Staff Understanding of MH and Psychosocial Concerns (A Guide to Delivery Systems, Ensuring a Good Instructional Match, Finding Relevant Content Resources, and Accounting for All Students); V. Evaluation and Accountability: Getting Credit For All You Do! (Introductory Packet); and Coda: Developing a Comprehensive System to Address Barriers to Learning and Teaching: Keeping the Big Picture in Focus Keywords: disability, Transitions, family, students, education, models, resources.

Access at:   http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/welcomeguide.htm