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Title: Involving Teachers in Collaborative Efforts to Better Address Barriers to Student Learning

Description: Discussed are collaborative roles and functions for teachers to play in both establishing personalized student interventions and restructuring school resources to better address barriers to learning. Current work related to three areas is explored: (1) working with others in the classroom to prevent "garden variety" learning and behavior problems and minimize the need for special service referrals when problems arise, (2) teaming to manage care of students who must be referred, and (3) teachers' involvement in a school based team designed to ensure their school moves toward developing a comprehensive integrated, programmatic approach for addressing students' problems. http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/specres.htm#reprints Keywords: misbehavior, school-based, reducing barriers to learning, comprehensive collaborative services, interventions, schools, reform, teacher, staffing support, emotional literacy, learning support, support, learning,

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