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The Center's emphasis is on increasing the capacity of policy makers, administrators, school personnel, primary care health providers, mental health specialists, agency staff, consumers, and other stakeholders so that they can enhance how schools and their communities address psychosocial and mental health concerns as part of a comprehensive and cohesive system. One set of major mechanism for accomplishing the work are our national listservs. These include (a) a general listserv for anyone who cares to sign up to receive communications and newly developed resources from the Center, (b) special initiative listservs (e.g., to Superintendents), (c) a listserv for communicating specifically with other centers, and (d) a media/internet news outlet listserv.

Examples of those using the Center and on our email listservs include administrators of national and state departments of education and state and county departments of health and mental health; directors of state school health and mental health programs and initiatives; executives of child and family commissions; administrators of national and regional resource centers and associations; legislators; members of boards of education; administrators, support staff, and teachers from school districts and regional education service areas; primary health care providers; members of community-based organizations; family members of mental health consumers; university center administrators and faculty; administrators of national education reform organizations; staff of health law programs; public and private mental health practitioners; and agents representing school-based health centers, special education and treatment programs, and health system organizations; foundations, and much more.


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