School Mental Health Project

Toolkit for Rebuilding Student Supports into
a Comprehensive System for
Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

Section E

Quick Find Clearinghouse

    This section provides the menu of over 130 specific Quick Finds covers topics related to disaster response, classroom management, motivation (including engagement and re-engagement in classroom learning), social and emotional development, and much more.

    Some of the Quick Finds provide links directly to staff/stakeholder development and training aids and tutorials and continuing education modules.

Quick Find Online Clearinghouse

The Center at UCLA has on online clearinghouse that is accessed through a menu of major topics. Topics on the menu are listed alphabetically. For direct access to the menu, go to

Each Quick Find is a gateway to a host of resources. There are links to all that has been developed by the Center at UCLA and to other key materials, resources, references, empirically supported programs, and centers specializing in the topic and related topics.

Click here for a list of topics (in pdf format) that have been organized to date along with direct website addresses.

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