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With so many prevention and promotion efforts aimed at youth, schools represent one of the primary settings in which such interventions are implemented. It has been estimated that nearly 80% of youth-focused interventions are linked to schools, as these organizations provide a relatively stable and accessible setting for reaching the majority of children and their families. Moreover, community psychologists are developing, implementing, and evaluating many of these interventions. The potential contributions of community psychologists within schools continues to expand as interventions cross school and community boundaries, and as schools become primary settings for health, mental health, social service, and recreation, in addition to education.
Until recently, there was little integration of knowledge and practice in the schools from the unique perspective of community psychology. The School Intervention Interest Group was established by SCRA(Division 27) of the APA to promote quality research, practice, training, and direction for future work, as well as to bring together those already working to achieve these aims.

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