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Title: Curriculum for a course related to middle to high school transition

Date Posted: 5/5/2008

Question: "I have been researching the area of students from middle school transitioning into high school. I have read many resources on your website on this transition and transition in general. In the practice notes entitled, Supporting Successful Transition to Ninth Grade, there was mention of implementing an eighth grade transition course to enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to this transition. I am interested in such a course."


While a course would only be a part of the range of interventions related to successful transitions to high school, it does provide a structure for elevating this important concern. For a range of ideas, see the online clearinghouse topic page “Transition Programs/Grade Articulation/Welcome at

For obvious reasons, we do not endorse any commercial products. To illustrate what is available, however, we have appended to this email an excerpt from the online info provided by a publisher about their middle school curriculum related to transitions.

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