Intro Intervention Framework
& Content

Framework for a Unified and
Comprehensive System of Learning Supports

                                      Levels of Intervention

                                                   Prevention       Early Intervention       Intensive Supports

Classroom-Based Supports
Supports for Transitions
Home Involvement &
Community Involvement &
Student & Family Supports
Crisis Response &

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in each of the six CONTENT arenas.

The six content arenas are described briefly below. Each arena is concerned with the continuum ranging from prevention and early intervening to providing intensive supports.

Classroom-Based Supports = Direct strategies to enable learning in the classroom (e.g., improving instruction and bringing into the classroom other interventions for students who manifest mild-moderate learning and behavior problems and/or have become disengaged from learning at school)

Supports for Transitions = Assisting students and families as they negotiate the many daily and school-year transitions (e.g., school and grade changes, to and from school, periods before school, lunch, and after school, summer, attendance problems)

Home Involvement & Engagement = Increasing home and school connections (e.g., addressing specific support and learning needs or families, enhancing communication with the home; involving homes with school decision making; recruiting families to strengthen the school)

Community Involvement & Engagement = Increasing community involvement and support (e.g., outreach to recruit a wide range of community resources, including enhanced use of volunteers and mentors; connecting school and community to promote child well being)

Student & Family Supports = Facilitating student and family access to effective services and special assistance as needed (e.g., health and social services, personalized academic and career counseling, dropout outreach ).

Crisis Response & Prevention = Responding to, and where feasible, preventing crises (e.g., crisis planning, response, and follow-up; violence and bullying prevention, substance abuse prevention)