Toolkit for Rebuilding Student Supports into
a Comprehensive System for
Addressing Barriers to Learning and Teaching

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Funding Stream Integration to Promote Development and Sustainability
of a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System of Learning Supports

Moving student and learning supports out of a marginalized and fragmented status in school improvement policy and practice  involves integrating and redeploying existing resources. Sparse education funding and cutbacks make such efforts even more pressing. With this in mind, several states have focused on guiding districts to understand how to integrate multiple funding sources to accomplish efforts such as the development of a Unified, Comprehensive, and Equitable System of Learning Supports.

 Several years ago, in our work with the Louisiana Department of Education, the department developed a manual and tools to assist local education agencies in integrating funds related to student and learning supports (see

For the entire document on Louisiana's Tools for Integrating Education Funds, see  ).

Also see the Georgia Department of Education Integration and Use of Federal Funds Manual

While the passage of ESSA requires some updating of these guides, much of what is outlined provides a road map.

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