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Net Exchange Search: Basic Instructions

What should I do?? How does this thing work??

You can now search the entire Net Exchange listing for specific phrases and topics. See the instructions below to learn more about it.

Ready to Search?

First, relax. Then type up to 3 keywords or phrases using and/or.
For example, say you need information on "Screening problems".

Just type Screening Problems.


Or for information on "comprehensive school reform"

Simply enter your search as exemplified below.

Note: In this case - AND is you friend.

It is just that simple!!!!

Of course, you may not be sure of the right words. Your may need a comparative search.

For example, if your search is pregnancy or safe sex, simply follow the diagram.

No Results????

Consider this......

Try shortening the word to cover more variations (e.g., use psych instead of psychologist, psychiatrist or psychological). It will return more items that you can then look through to further limit your search.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: You may also be in need of technical assistance to aid you in the issues that you are addressing. If so, let us know.



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