Website Prototype for SEA, LEA, and
School Learning Supports System

As the field transforms schools and pursues new directions for student and learning supports, the opportunity arises to rethink how to organize and present the information on state, district, and school websites. The aim is to provide a picture that shows how a unified and comprehensive system of learning supports will operate to the benefit of students, families, staff, and community.

As an aid in evolving how such websites convey their Learning Supports System, click here for a prototype that can be readily adapted.

It is intended to inform those who come to the site about:

  1. how the learning support system is being defined and its general features,

  2. how the various student and learning support interventions are combined into a unified framework that is guiding development of a comprehensive system to address barriers and re-engage disconnected students,

  3. the operational infrastructure that has been established to ensure development and implementation, and

  4. how to access additional resources related to student and family needs.