Special Resource Material Developed by the Center

Title: Chronic Illness and Schooling: An Introductory Overview Outline (Information Resource)

Description: Peyton Clausen, a UCLA undergraduate working at our Center had a personal interest in how chronic illness can interfere with a student’s education and other school-related activities. She decided she wanted to learn more about this and how teachers and other school staff, parents, peers, and an affected student can work together to address the problems that arise. The following shares what she learned from reviewing the literature. It is offered in the form of an introductory topical outline. The outline is designed as a starting point for individuals and groups wanting to begin an investigation into or just beginning to think about a presentation on chronic illness concerns as related to schools. It is organized to highlight key questions and concerns surrounding the topic. Some data and content notes are provided. These are drawn from a variety of resources, all of which are cited in the list of references. These notes are meant mainly as an aid in preparing a presentation.

Access at:   http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/chronicill.pdf  24kb; 2pp