Special Resource Material Developed by the Center

Title: Engaging and Re-engaging Students and Families: Four Units for Continuing Education (cont. ed)

Description: This set of CE units provides a perspective on motivation that goes beyond mainly reinforcing and enforcing behavior. The emphasis is on:
  • expanding understanding of engagement, re-engagement, and intrinsic motivation in the context of school improvement and school climate
  • highlighting strategic approaches to engagaing and re-engaging students, with special attention to avoiding over-reliance on extrinsic reinforcers and minimizing practices that can produce reactance
  • engaging and re-engaging families by attending to differences among families and other primary caretakers with respect to resources, motivation and needs, and barriers to involvement with the school
  • stressing that teachers can't and should not be expected to do it all alone. Rather their work needs to be embedded into a unified and comprehensive system of learning supports and that system should be built with a view to engaging and re-engaging students, families, and all the professionals who have a stake in improvng schools.

    Access at:   Unit I: Motivation: Time to Move Beyond Behavior Modification http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/engagei.pdf
    Unit II: Strategic Approaches to Enhancing Student Engagement and Re-engagement http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/engageii.pdf
    Unit III: Enhancing Family Engagement and Re-engagement http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/engageiii.pdf
    Unit IV: Embedding Engagement and Re-engagement into a Unified and Comprehensive System of Student and Learning Supports http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/engageiv.pdf  618kb; 117pp