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The Center's Training Tutorials are organized topically, with readings and related activities for "preheating," active learning, and follow-up. All readings and activity guides are available on the website of the national Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA.

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Overview Guide

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Initial Resources to "Preheat" Exploration of this Matter

The following materials provide a brief introduction and overview to the ideas covered by the tutorial:

In readying others for training in this matter, display the attached flyer and the above article on a training bulletin board and provide copies to interested staff.


Learning Sessions

Topic 1: What constitutes a comprehensive, multifaceted, and integrated approach to addressing barriers to student learning?

Reading: Introduction to a Component for Addressing Barriers to Students' Learning

Activity: Use the various attached materials as stimuli and tools to focus application of what has been read.

  1. List of What is Happening and What is Needed to Address Barriers to Student Learning? (use the attached worksheet)

  2. Discussion Session to Explore What is Happening and What is Needed? (see the attached guide sheet for ideas about forming an informal discussion and/or a formal study group)

  3. Revise Your List of What is happening and What is Needed? (see the attached guide for suggestions about making ongoing revisions in the list)

  4. Review Exhibit Examples of Areas Schools Might Want to Designate as First Priorities in Developing an Enabling Componentand the Fit with Your School (see attached Exhibit and worksheet)


Topic 2: Understanding the functions and structures needed to operationalize an Enabling (Learning Support) Component at a School Site

Reading: From: Key Leadership Mechanisms for Enhancing Student & Learning Supports

Activity: Use the various attached materials as stimuli and tools to focus application of what has been read.

  1. Write and discuss: Learning Supports Leadership functions (use the attached worksheet as guide)

  2. Mapping exercise (see attached resource aids)

  3. Making the case for school-based leadership development (see attached resource aids)


Topic 3:     Using a change agent to get from here to there                                               

Reading: From: Organization Facilitators: A Change Agent for Systemic School and Community Changes pp. 1-12

Activity: Use the various attached materials as stimuli and tools to focus application of what has been read.

  1. Write and discuss the functions of an Organization Facilitator (use attached worksheet as a guide)

  2. Q & A about phasing in the infrastructure (use attached worksheet a as guide)


Follow-up for Ongoing Learning

As you decide to learn more about these matters, the following Center resources should be a helpful next step.

  1. Indepth materials from the Center include various guides, such as:
  2. The Quick Finds section of the Center website offers topic areas that are regularly updated with new reports, publications, internet sites, and centers specializing in the topic. Stakeholders can keep current on Creating an Enabling Component by visiting topic areas such as:

  3. Consider forming a Resource Coordinating Team

  4. Request ongoing inservice training and administrative support in developing these ideas

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