Addressing Barriers to Learning: Overview of the Curriculum on Enabling (or Learning Supports) Component

Periodically, windows of opportunities arise for providing inservice at schools about mental health and psychosocial concerns. When such opportunities appear, it may be helpful to access one or more of our Center's Quick Training Aids.

Each of these offers a brief set of resources to guide those providing an inservice session. (They also are a form of quick self-tutorial.)
Most encompass
  • key talking points for a short training session   
  • a brief overview of the topic   
  • facts sheets   
  • tools   
  • a sampling of other related information and resources

In compiling resource material, the Center tries to identify those that represent "best practice" standards. If you know of better material, please let us know so that we can make improvements.

Guide for Suggested Talking Points

  1. Brief Overview
    1. Present main points from:
      Introduction to a component for addressing barriers to student learning - Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA.
      • Emphasize: To reach academic goals such as reducing the achievement gap and leaving no child behind, schools must include a focus on addressing barriers to students learning to ensure all youngsters have an equal opportunity to succees at school. Such a focus requires a high level policy commitment to establishing an "enabling component".

    2. An Integrated Framework for Addressing Barriers to Learning and Enhancing Healthy Development at a School Site: A Six Area Curriculum - Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA.
      • Emphasize: Operationalizing an enabling component requires (a) formulating a delimited framework of basic program areas and then (b) creating an infrastructure to restructure and enhance existing resources The 6 area curriculum consists of:
      • Classroom-Focused Enabling
      • Crisis/Emergency Assistance & Prevention
      • Support for Transitions
      • Home Involvement in Schooling
      • Community Outreach/Volunteers
      • Student & Family Assistance

  2. Fact Sheets / Practice Notes

  3. Quick Review of the barriers to learning addressed by the six area curriculum of the Enabling Component

    1. Keeping Kids in School: Lessons from Research about Preventing Dropouts - Excerpt From: The Center for Public Education
    2. "Costs" related to lack of success in schools - "Paying Now or Paying Later," Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice.
      • Note: When students don't succeed in school the costs to them and to society are enormous; a cost effective solution is to address barriers to learning in a comprehensive, multifaceted and integrated way.
    3. Framing an Enabling Component for a School Site: Overview of activity Related to the 6 Curriculum Areas - Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA.
      • Provides a quick overview of each area to clarify the nature and scope of activity.

  4. Tools/Handouts
    1. Addressing Barriers to Learning & Promoting Healthy Development: A Usable Research-Base. Center Newsletter: Addressing Barriers to Learning, Fall 2000
    2. Self Study Surveys Related to Addressing Barriers to Student Learning

        Each of the following includes a brief introduction and a set of activities

        (*From: Addressing Barriers to Learning A Set of Surveys to Map What a School Has and What It Needs – Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA)

  5. Training Programs, Model Programs and Initiatives
  6.   See the following Training Tutorials (which are self directed opportunities for in-depth learning and a guide for training others –

  7. Additional Resources
    1. See the QuickFind ( on the "Enabling Component: Addressing Barriers to Learning by Enabling Students to Succeed." This has direct links to a number of resources and references.

  8. Originals for Overheads
    1. Barriers to Learning and Development

    2. School Reform: What's Missing?

    3. Talk About Fragmented? Figure 1 | Figure 2

    4. Moving to a Three Component Model

    5. an Enabling Component to Address Barriers to Learning and Enhance Healthy Development

    6. Major Examples of Activity in Each of the 6 Curriculum Areas.

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