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Title: Needed: Human sexuality curriculum for special populations

Date Posted: 8/16/2005

Question: "Do you have information on any human sexuality curriculum that could be used by high schoolers in special education or who are developmentally disabled/emotionally challenged. We are looking for something that would instill values, provide information on safe sex, and deal with choices/judgements. "


Look at the Quick Find online clearinghouse topic on "Teen Pregnancy and Prevention" at

For general info on mental health curriculum (related to instilling values, providing info, and dealing with choices/judgements), take a look at the Quick Find topic "Mental Health Curriculum" at

For specific populations, there are a variety of published resources. We, of course, make no recommendations about commercial materials. The following are offered as examples for evaluation:

  1. "Healthy Teens: Facing the Challenges of Young Lives" (by Alice R. McCarthy, Ph.D. – for General and Special Education Teachers; published by Sopris West – Discusses how to establish good relationships with their children and students by providing consistent discipline, personal involvement, guidance, and academic opportunity. Advocates open discussion of difficult subjects (e.g., sexuality, substance abuse, and violence) as well as guidelines for safety and lifestyle to help parents and educators form bonds with the adolescents in their lives and encourage community and school involvement. Has more than 500 annotated listings of additional book, organizational, and Web site resources. (Price 15.95 )

  2. "Learning about life curriculum" (published by a special education publisher – see http// or call 800-558-9595) This is an illustrated sexual education and social skills program covering puberty, dating, pregnancy, STDs.

  3. "Talking Sex! Practical Approaches and Strategies for Working with People Who Have Developmental Disabilities When the Topic is Sex." (by Lisa Maurer, Planned Parenthood of Tompkins County, Ithaca, NY. 314 West State St. Ithaca, NY 14850. Phone 607-273-1526, ext. 126.)

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