Special Resource Material Developed by the Center

Title: New Directions in Enhancing Educational Results: Policymakers' Guide to Restructuring Student Support Resources to Address Barriers to Learning (Guidebook)

Description: This Guidebook provides information and resources for policymakers in addressing issues of restructuring student support to address barriers to learning: (a) clarifies why policy makers should expand he focus of school reform to encompass a reframing and restructuring of education support programs anf (b) offers guidance on how to do so. The first section emphasizes refaming how schools' think about addressing barriers to learning with a view to systemic reforms to establish comprehensive, multifaceted approaches. The second section discusses how to go about the proccess. Tools and appendices offer specific aids. To download a copy click here Keywords: policy, support, services, restructuring, resiliency, barriers, school reform, education, resources,

Access at:   http://smhp.psych.ucla.edu/pdfdocs/policymakers/restrucguide.pdf  854kb; 192pp