Special Resource Material Developed by the Center

Title: Personalizing Personnel Development at Schools: A Focus on Student Engagement and Re-engagement (Guidance Notes)

Description: Engagement and re-engagement of students is a fundamental concern for everyone involved with improving schools (e.g., teachers, student support staff, administrators, playground and office personnel). Because of the limited ways most preservice preparation addresses these matters, considerable attention must be paid to them after school personnel are on-the-job. And, given variability of understanding about any topic even among experienced staff, the emphasis needs to be on personalizing learning opportunities.

A good fit for learning requires that each individual start where they are at ? both in terms of their motivation and capability. This, of course, parallels what is required in designing a good match in terms of process and content for students in a classroom. That is, teaching about engagement and re-engagement involves applying what is being taught to the process of personalizing personnel development.

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